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 · Desert Remains (Seventh Street Books 2017) is set in Phoenix, Arizona, where a killer has left the body of a young woman in a cave in the desert, along ...

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Boylan Heights is the second album by the American pop/rock band The Connells , released in 1987, and their first for TVT Records . The title of the album references the historic Boylan Heights neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina .

Steve Zousmer
Falling into the Mob (Permanent Press 2017) begins when Phillip Vail, a divorced 59-year-old freelance speechwriter, meets a younger woman on the New York computer train. They enjoy getting to know each other until three violent drunks board the car. They threaten Phil and Sylvia and try to push Phil off at the next stop. Though terrified, he refuses to leave Sylvia alone with the drunks. The daughter of the Sforza crime family stays calm, and quickly arranges a rescue from her three mobster brothers. Phil is appalled but stimulated by the most exciting thing to have happened to him in years. Though successful and valued by his main client, a newly retired CEO with political ambitions, Phil has started to wonder what he will do with the rest of his life. Sylvia’s father Jack is dying of cancer, her oldest brother Catcher is in jail, and her three younger brothers are tough but not leadership material. After Phil successfully negotiates with the detective who suspect the Sforza brothers are responsible for three badly injured drunks, Jack offers Phil the job of Sforza boss until Catcher is released in three months. Phil is tempted, especially by Sylvia, but isn’t sure his speech-writing talents have prepared him for the role. Or maybe they have. Jack’s death brings the prospects of a bloody war and traditional mob tactics won’t get the Sforza family out alive. This clever and humorous caper is great fun.

Connells, The - Boylan HeightsConnells, The - Boylan HeightsConnells, The - Boylan HeightsConnells, The - Boylan Heights