Various - gas food lodging -

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1 x Light with double plug, neat chromadeck work surfaces
Mesh gas Cage on outside at nose cone
900kg axle
2 x 155 x 13” Tyres and rims, comes with RWC Registration papers.

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You’re probably wondering what causes your gas accumulation, right? Excessive gas and  gas pains can be attributed to all sorts of health problems, normal variations in hormonal levels that affect digestion (such as your menstrual cycle) or specific foods. While the triggers are somewhat different from person to person, the way that gas forms in the body is mostly the same.

Our vast machines, torches, tools, consumables, safty wear, fittings and accessories for MIG, TIG, spot and Oxy/Fuel welding and Plasma or Oxy/Fuel cutting

Various - Gas Food LodgingVarious - Gas Food LodgingVarious - Gas Food LodgingVarious - Gas Food Lodging