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A collection of Wilson's work, entitled Three Plays by August Wilson , was published in book form in 1991. The following year brought the Broadway premiere of Two Trains Running .

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Posted by Wilson Pickett Foundation on Aug 13, 2013. Discography. A major figure in the development of American soul music, Pickett recorded over 50 songs which hit ...

"When Wilson Pickett screamed, he screamed notes," producer Jerry Wexler once said. "His voice was powerful, like a buzz saw, but it wasn't ever out of control. It was always melodic." Pickett's signature shout served as the climax for many of his 38 hit singles. "You can feel it comin'," said Pickett, "and you don't let go until the moment is exactly right." The man known as "the Wicked Pickett" and the "Midnight Mover" was soul's purest badass: Immortal songs like 1965's "In the Midnight Hour" and 1966's "Mustang Sally" brought a new level of ferociousness to R&B belting. But Pickett's good friend Solomon Burke notes that Pickett had another side. "Wilson was able to hold that note until you felt it," says Burke. "He made you listen."

Wilson Pickett - In The Midnight HourWilson Pickett - In The Midnight HourWilson Pickett - In The Midnight HourWilson Pickett - In The Midnight Hour