Bessie smith - the greatest blues singer in the world - Bessie Smith Biography - life, children, death, mother.

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I found this great collection of long forgotten women blues singers on CD years ago. It is also available on Spotify: “Barrelhouse Mamas: Born in the Alley, Raised Up in the Slum.” Gems: Leola Manning-Satan in Busy in Knoxville and Lucille Bogen-They Ain’t Walking No More.

The character of Bessie Smith is only referred to in Albee's play and does not appear on stage. In early performances, Albee did not even allow music or pictures of her to be used.

Gee often got the better of Smith, who was too bluntly honest to know how to deal with his deviousness. Amazingly, he won a custody battle for their adopted child after they’d divorced in 1929, which grieved her. In the rest of her life she seemed triumphant. It was said that she once floored the pianist Clarence Williams in an argument over money. Another oft-repeated story, which is surely apocryphal, is that while on tour in 1927 she faced down a bunch of white-suited thugs from the Ku Klux Klan. One of her musicians caught them trying to collapse the tent they were playing in, and Bessie appeared, hand on hip, threatening to set the audience loose on them.

Mary J. Blige has criticised Beyoncé for being “groomed to be a pop artist”, but Beyoncé was growing up while Blige was releasing her own music: an influential bridge between hip-hop and contemporary R’n’B which came out of her Bronx background. Blige has since become a matriarch of hip-hop culture, and allows herself to be glamourous while talking about female sexuality.

As this story goes, Bessie Smith stays out of sight. She doesn't appear in the hospital conference room where the action is ongoing. Still her powerful, crackling voice reverberates.

The Death of Bessie Smith is a one-act play by American playwright Edward Albee, written in 1959 and premiered in West Berlin the following year. The play consists of ...

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Bessie Smith - The Greatest Blues Singer In The WorldBessie Smith - The Greatest Blues Singer In The WorldBessie Smith - The Greatest Blues Singer In The WorldBessie Smith - The Greatest Blues Singer In The World